Organizational Chart

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School Governance and Operations Division

The Governance and Operations Division strengthens Schools and Learning Centers capacity to create a conducive environment for the teaching-learning process to take place, provide for the holistic development of learners, and ensure their rediness to learn through timely planning, mobilization, and equitable distribution of sufficient resources, development of human resource, provision of technical assistance and building of strong partnership with stakeholders for increased support and resources for the effective and efficient implementation of sustainable programs, projects and services towards increasing access and enhancing the delivery of quality basic education.


        The School Management Monitoring  and Evaluation ensures quality management systems implementation in Schools and Learning Centers and adherence to standards and policies through provision of timely technical assistance towards effective and efficient school management planning, delivery of basic education programs and services and assessment of their progress in achieving educational outcomes.

        The Social Mobilization and Networking ensures provision of adequate resources to schools and learning centers by strengthening and sustaining relationships and collaboration of education pertners and stakeholders, and mobilizing resources and providing technical assistance to support special programs and projects towards increasing access and enhancing the delivery of quality basic education.






Curriculum Implementation Division

To ensure full implementation of the articulated basic education curriculum (Kto12), through localization/indigenization and innovations in teaching the various subject-areas towards improvement in the quality of learning outcomes and

* Improve provision and availability of quality learning and teaching resource materials for students and instructional support materials for teachers in the division

* Conduct research studies and utilize research findings

* provide technical assistance to schools in the areas of:

             -curriculum implementation

             -instructional supervision

             -resource generation and social mobilization

             -SIP implementation

* improve access to basic/functional literacy skills and raise the level of literacy in the deprived, disadvantaged and underserved areas.