Job Opportunity

 Date Posted  Vacant Positions
June 22, 2021 Teachers I, Teachers II, Teacher III, Administrative Officer V, Administrative Assistant II
June 8, 2021 Teachers I, Teachers II, Teachers III, Master Teachers I, Master Teacher II, Head Teachers III, School Principal II, School Principal IV, Education Program Supervisor, Public Schools District Supervisor, Nurse I 
May 26, 2021 Teachers I, Teacher II, Teacher III
May 14, 2021 Chief Education Supervisor ( School Governance Operation Division)
May 4, 2021 Special Science Teachers I
April 22, 2021 Teachers I (SHS), Teachers II (SHS), Teachers III (SHS), Speacial Science Teacher I
April 6, 2021 Teachers I, Teachers II, Teachers III and Head Teacher II
March 24, 2021 Teachers I, Teachers II and Teachers III
March 11, 2021 Teachers I, Teachers II, Teachers III and Master Teacher I
March 3, 2021 Teacher I and Public Schools District Supervisor
February 24, 2021 Administrative Assistant III, Master Teacher I, Teacher III, Teacher I, Project Development Officer I, Administrative Officer IV
February 5, 2021 School Principal IV, Head Teacher VI, Administrative Aide VI, Teacher II, Teacher I, Teacher III
January 29, 2021 Teacher I and Teacher III
January 26, 2021 Teacher I & Teacher III
January 19, 2021 Teacher II & Teacher III
January 7, 2021 Education Program Specialist, Public Schools District Supervisor, Admin. Officer II, Administrative Assistant III, School Principal II, Master Teacher I, Teacher I, Teacher II, Teacher III