September 25, 2023 Capacity Building for SDO and School Personnel - DepEd Angeles City View 
September 14, 2023 Procurement of Meals - Division Seminar on Aligning the Roles and Responsibilities ofTeachers, MT, and HT in DepEd MATATAG Agenda to Enhance Efficiency and Accountability View 
August 30, 2023 Fabrication of Office Table at HR Office - SDO Angeles City View 
August 2, 2023 Purchase of Medical Supplies in Providing Medical Services View 
August 2, 2023 Division Seminar-Workshop on Leveraging Data Driven Programs, Projects and Activities forSY 2023-2024 Towards Improved Learning Outcomes  View
July 22, 2023 Procurement of Meals - Division Training of Non-Teaching Personnel on Enhancement of Functional and Core Competencies Towards Organizational Effectiveness View
June 1, 2023 Improvement of the Comfort Rooms into Hygienic Comfort Rooms at the Learning and Development Conference Room, and Installation of Glass Partition at the SGOD Office View 
July 21, 2023 Procurement of Tarpaulin for Schools - Division Training of Teachers on the Implementation ofthe National Learning Camp View
May 9, 2023 Division Implementation of SBFP, NFP Milk Feeding Component for SY 2023-2024 - DepEdAngeles City View
April 5, 2023 Utilization of Funds for School Site's Survey View
March 29, 2023 Procurement of Food for the Implementation of Project Act (Assessment of Division Collaborated Projects Towards Organizational Effectiveness) - DepEd Angeles City View
March 22, 2023 Procurement of Learning Materials-DepEd Angeles City View
March 21, 2023 Procurement of Meal for the Division Training for Development and Illustration of Storybooks -
DepEd Angeles City